Questions and Answers

Updated: 02/09/2019

Very often prospective buyers or new owners have questions about how the association and park are run, and what membership means. This list of answers to the most common questions should help them get a clearer picture of how the park operates. Owners can also gain an official perspective on many issues in the park. The questions answered here are:

Is there a web site for the park?
The wilderness Park Owners Association does have a web site. It is and it has both a public and private side. Only owners have access to the private side of the web site. All information that prospective buyers may need is on the public side of the web site.

How much are the Association Dues?
Dues are currently (2019) set at $110 per month. There has been an increase for 2019. The dues amount is determined by the Board of Directors on a yearly basis after a complete review of our yearly budget. Owners are notified of any change and dues coupons are available on the web site. Payments can be made on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis to our accounting firm.

What is covered by the dues?
The dues cover all normal costs associated with running the park. Maintenance, staff salary, taxes, Internet, equipment, water, propane for hot water in showers, pool costs, grounds, tree removal, and roads. All electric charges for common elements are paid by the park. At the end of each season, individual unit electric charges are assessed to each owner.

What are special assessments?
There are currently (2019) no special assessments to owners. If the association members vote to make a major change (e.g. build a new building, septic improvements,etc.), or have to pay city assessments (e.g. new road) those costs will be passed on to members through a special assessment. Depending upon the exact amount and payment needs, the board will determine a payment plan and assessment schedule to be used.

What taxes are paid by each owner?
Each member is responsible for their Crow Wing County “Personal Property” taxes on their own living unit (trailer) and shed. The property tax owed by the association to Crow Wing County is collected as part of the monthly dues. That amounts to about $250 per year which may be deductible if you itemize deductions.

What if I am late with my payment of dues?
Late fees (currently $25 per month) will apply if any payments (dues, electric fees, late fees, or assessments) are past due. Late fees accrue at the rate of $25 per month until the late payment is made along with all applied late fees. Late fees begin to accrue on the 21st day after the quarterly due date for dues. This means a 20 day grace period for dues payments. Late fees for electric usage begin to accrue the day after the due date, and each month thereafter. These late fees are used to recover the extra accounting fees required to track payments, as well as postage costs for mailing past due notices.

Other than monthly dues, are there any other fees?
Each owner is responsible for their own electric usage, personal property tax, dock maintenance, dock removal, living unit maintenance, special assessments (if any), insurance, and any site landscaping (board approval required).

Do I need additional insurance to be a member?
The insurance owned by the association covers all the buildings and grounds within the park, including liability. Yes even the garage units. The association insurance does NOT cover individual living units, boats, personal property in the garage units, golf carts or liability on docks and golf carts. Check with your insurance agent to make certain your coverage includes these items.

How do association shares work?

Do I own any land or property when I buy shares?
When you become an association member you purchase shares in the association which owns all the property and facilities within the park. There are no deeds so you do not own ANY land, not even the land under your unit. You own shares in the association not any land or property. There are rules which govern the transfer of shares. The process is the same as any other type of share transfer and we do have a member who can guide you through the process. The value of association shares can not be estimated until a full appraisal of the property is done. The board will not approve the cost of an appraisal unless and until the membership votes to sell the property.

How are association shares transferred?
There is a well-defined process for the transfer of shares in the association. That process is detailed on the public side of our web site.

What are the Rules and Regulations that owners have to live by?
Our complete set of Rules and Regulations are available on the web site as part of our public postings. The park has to abide by many State, County, and City regulations so many of the posted rules, regulations, and By Laws assure that compliance. Other rules govern conduct within the park, safety concerns, and use of the facilities. We suggest you consult the web site and read the entire set of rules and regulations.

What happens if someone violates the rules or regulations?
The process for reporting, warnings, and fines is detailed on the public side of our web site.

How often do changes to the rules or by-laws take place?
The By Laws are only changed after a vote of the membership at the annual meeting. So those by-laws can only change at most once a year. Rules changes are determined by the Board of Directors but even those are discussed at the annual meeting.

What laws apply to the park?
The Wilderness Park Owners Association is a corporation within the State of Minnesota. All state corporation laws apply to the park. Most of the important laws are covered in the By Laws that were filed as part of the incorporation process. Those By Laws are available on the public side of the web site. The State of Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) govern operation of pools, water systems, septic systems, and general rules for recreational parks. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) controls use of the shoreline and lake. The City of Crosslake governs land usage and building within the park.

Is there a dock for each site site?
All docks are owned by individual members or group of memberds who then rent any avaiilable spaces to other owners. Maximum rental charges are set by the Board of Directors. There are enough dock spaces for each association member to have one, and only one slot. The DNR will not allow additional docks. Boat lifts are not allowed except on the river at the east end of the park. Rental space availability changes as members try to upgrade to closer, larger, or outside spaces when units are sold. Owners are responsible for the cost of putting in their dock in the spring, and removal in the fall. The association does NOT carry any liability insurance on docks. There is one GUEST dock owned by the association for use by visitors and guests or owners.

What is the water quality within the park?
The water quality of the wells used within the park is tested each year by the State of Minnesota. Members are informed of the results of those tests. It has always been of the highest quality.

Is there a garage for every owner?
When the garage units were built there was one for each site. Six site owners elected to NOT purchase a garage, so six other members purchased a second garage unit. Those six members who own a second garage are obligated to sell one to a new member who purchases one of the six sites with no garage. Which garage unit gets sold is determined by a drawing. That means that any site being purchased either owns a garage or the new owner has the right to purchase a garage. There is a formula that determines the purchase price.

When are the association meetings?
There are two official member Association Meetings each year. The spring meeting is always on the last Saturday in May. This meeting is scheduled as a “financial” meeting to discuss the budget for the current year. The fall meeting is always on the second Saturday after Labor Day each year. This is the official membership meeting at which board members are elected and issues are voted upon. Official announcements of both meetings are distributed to all stock holders in accordance with our by-laws.

Is the park open all year?
Your individual unit and garage is accessible to you all year. However, you should know that the park does NOT plow the roads during the winter. We do plow the garage area to prevent ice damage to garage doors. The City of Crosslake plows the road up to the Wilderness Park sign but no further. You may have to walk to your unit from there. Also, the water service to your unit is shut OFF each year on September 30. Water lines are blown out at that time. Water is not turned on again until May 1 in the spring if snow and ground frost permit. We have had to delay a few times. The bath house on the back road is open from April 1 each year, until October 31 depending upon snow and frost conditions. We have had to delay opening a few times. Due to the possibility of lines freezing and breaking, the septic system should not be used between November 1, and April 1 each year. Electricity remains on all year. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) will only allow us to be “open” when water and sewer are available to unit or at bath house. This 2018 ruling does not allow us to be “open” from November 10 to March 31.

Are there any park wide member activities taking place in the park?
Some of the fun, family things that happen in the park each year are: golf outings, fishing contests, youth activity sessions, bingo night, coffee and donuts, garage sales, Fourth of July festivities, Halloween Parade, and pot luck dinners. We have even seen horseshoe, tennis, volleyball, or bocce ball matches taking place. Please look at our calendar of events to see just how many events are open for all to enjoy. Availability of volunteers can impact any given event.

Is the Internet available in the park?
Crosslake Communications does supply Internet service to the park. Many individual members have Internet available to their actual unit in the park. The association also provides Wi-Fi Internet service in the storm shelter from April 1 to October 31 each year.

What facilities are available to association members?
All members, their families and guests have access to our storm shelter equipped with ping pong, TV, AED, Library and Wi-Fi. The park also has a heated pool, fish cleaning house, garbage disposal service, private boat landing, sandy beach area with playground equipment, heated bath and shower room, laundry facility, car and boat cleaning station, tennis courts, bocce ball court, horseshoe pitch, volleyball court, and woodworking shop. There is also a lawnmower, compresser, ladder and fertilizer spreader available to all owners. There is also an air station for inflating tires or beach toys.

How do I get other questions answered?
If you have additional questions please send them in an email to Most questions can be answered by the secretary. However, you may also send comments or questions to the entire board for consideration. In that case send email to In either case, your question will be answered as quickly as possible, and the answer posted here if applicable.

Can I landscape around my unit?
Yes you can with approval. Since all the property is owned by the association (not individual members) the Board of Directors is responsible for all property changes (i.e. landscaping, new units, patios, new steps, etc.) within the park. The board has to assure that all WPOA, City, County, and State laws or regulations are enforced, and the board is also responsible for the safety of all owners and guests. ALL planned changes to park property (all property) must be written up in detail and submitted to the parks architecture committee for approval. Forms for this purpose are available on the web site. The architecture committee will make certain that all electric, water and sewer lines will not be impacted by the change, changes will not impact the safety of other members, and that all changes are within the laws that govern the park’s operation.

How do I find out about changes or activities within the park?
There are a number of communication channels used by the board and park members. All official meeting announcements, voting questions, and financial details are distributed to all members via email or US Postal Service when needed. The web site contains all of the information members need to track board activity, finances, rules, and meetings. An email is sent to all members whenever a change is made to the web site. In addition, the secretary distributes a newsletter (via email and hard copy) about four times per year. The newsletter will inform all members of gatherings, events, and member submitted news. We try to keep everyone informed.

How are the costs of utilities handled within the park?
Through your dues, the park covers all of the costs related to getting utilities (water, sewer, and electric) to your site. All of the costs associated with your connection to those services (e.g. hoses, backflow preventers, sewer connections, electric cords, electric meters, and pedestals) is the responsibility of the site owner. All utilities for common buildings (shower house, pool, fish house, etc.) are covered by your dues. All security lighting, and garage electric usage is also covered by your dues.

Is there mail delivery to the park?
Mail is delivered to the psrk. In 2019 new mailboxes will be installed allowing individusal owners to purchase a private, secured mailbox. There are secure package delivery boxes as part of the new mailbox units as well as a secure mail slot for ALL owners to place outgoing mail.